Binge Drinking Ups Heart Attack Risks

In one of the studies about two years ago it was revealed binge drinking may increase heart attack risk by about 70 percent.

The researchers warn those drinkers who take alcohol only on weekends are more at risk compared to those who also drink slightly on weekdays. The risk is also more for those They added that binge drinking increases blood pressure.

Investigative team of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, says binge drinking gin, whiskey or vodka is riskier compared to other drinks.

The team pointed out that the heart attack risk depends on the amount of alcohol one consumes daily. Those who drink occasionally and then go for binge drinking are at the highest risk.

The researchers analyzed the histories of four thousand people who had heart attacks.

The project was incorporated by teams from Canada, Australia and also United States. All the victims were interviewed on the level of alcohol consumed daily and the type of alcohol.

The researchers added binge drinking results with highest rate of heart attack during the first hour and lowest during the third hour. The risk may go as high as 72 percent. They revealed the habitual moderate drunker are at lower risk of cardiovascular attack.