Bartender Android App Is Perfect To Get Drink Recipes

Bartender Android app provides list of drinks as well as instructions about how to make those. The app has a search area if you’d like to find a specific drink or something made with a specific alcohol. It also allows you to create your own drink and enter it into the catalogue that of drinks that are included with this app.

The main tab of the app offers over 50 different drinks for you to make. Selecting any of them will pull up an instructions page that includes details such as the Glass Type, Ingredients, and Mixing Instructions. If you’re a fan of one specific drink, you can tap the star on the right hand side of the browse area and add it to your favorites tab.

The Search tab allows you to enter in a keyword and it will hopefully pull up at least one drink that includes whatever it is you’ve searched. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t seem to work very well. While it does auto-populate the search area when you start typing in the Ingredient selector, the app apparently has trouble actually searching or finding ingredients they list in their drinks.

The final feature of this app is the ability to create your own drink and enter it in to the app. By pressing menu and selecting Create New Drink, you can name your drink, select the glass type, pick the ingredients, and even write out directions. While this is a neat feature, the fact that the search function provides such poor performance makes it frustrating to use this app.