Barcelona Flooded With Peace Marchers Shouting Not Afraid Of Terror Attacks

Following the deadliest attacks in more than a decade that killed fifteen people, peace marchers in hundreds of thousands flooded the heart of Spanish capital Barcelona on Saturday saying “I’m not afraid.”

The attack took place on August 17, Thursday, in the city’s Las Ramblas boulevard. Saturday’s march was led from here and marchers carried banners reading “No Tinc Por” in Catalan language, which in English means “I’m not afraid.”

The local authorities, and those from center and region also walked behind the marchers, who were mainly the emergency workers, despite earlier criticism that the authorities failed to share information about the attackers with each other.

According to Barcelona police, there were about 500,000 people in the marchers.

The August 17 attack was claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that left 15 people dead and injured more than 120 others. Most of the victims were from other countries including Germany, France, United States, China, Australia and Peru. Twenty two of the wounded are still in hospital and undergoing treatment. Six of these 22 are in critical condition.

Investigation reveals the attack was planned for deeper damages and more deadly carnage.

Eight of the suspects were dead by security forces and two are now in jail under preliminary charges. Two others are still under investigation after being freed by a judge.

Muslim community too condemned the deadly attack.