Bank Of England Goes On Staff Strike Tuesday For Three days

Support staff of Bank of England will go on strike for three days starting from Tuesday following talks at the conciliation service Acas that ended without any good result.

The primary cause of a three-day strike is below inflation pay rise of 1 percent. Official data reveals the inflation was 2.6 percent last month.

The staff have plans of gathering outside the bank building in masks of Governor Mark Carney. For more than fifty years the employees of Bank of England didn’t go on strike.

The maintenance and security departments of the bank would not be participating in the three-day strike.

According to Bank of England spokesperson, they have information that the strike would start at midnight.

In a press statement the spokesperson said, “The Union balloted approximately 2% of the workforce.”

Meanwhile, the bank claims to have plans of keeping all essential business functioning during the three-day strike period and continue operating as normal.

Bank of England earlier faced strike by staff in the late 60s.