Australia Warns Terrorists May Attack Indonesia Again

Australia has urged travelers to Indonesia to exercise caution as terrorists could be attacking the country. Travel advisory has come from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that says an attack may be in advanced planning stages.

Australia Warns Terrorists May Attack Indonesia Again

The department has warned people to be vigilant during the holidays at worship places.

Few days ago Australia had also warned terrorists may be plotting attacks in Malaysia’s largest city Kuala Lumpur.

Indonesian capital Jakarta was attacked on January 14 that killed eight people. In the new warning the Australian department has cited the attack.

The department wrote in the warning, “We continue to receive information that indicates that terrorists may be planning attacks in Indonesia… An attack could occur anywhere at any time.”

More details have not been released by the department.

In past few years the extremist group Jemaah Islamiyah conducted several attacks in Indonesia including the bombings of bars in Bali in 2002 that left 202 people dead and twin hotel bombings in the capital in 2009 that killed seven.

However, in recent years the counterterrorism forces of the country has successfully eradicated the group.

Meanwhile, a data of Indonesian authorities estimates over 600 Indonesians have joined ISIS in Syria or Iraq.