Australia Seizes Drug Ice Worth US$700 Million

Drugs of very high value have been seized by Australian police from a shipment of silicon bra inserts and art supplies.

Australia Seizes Drug Ice Worth USD700 Million

Authorities say the drug “ice” may be worth $1 billion Australian dollars, which is about US$700 million. The bust is one of the biggest in the history of the country and also largest seizure of liquid methylamphetamine as well.

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said, “This has resulted in 3.6 million individual hits of ice being taken off our streets.”

In December 2015 about 190 liters of the drug was first discovered by Australian customs kept hidden inside thousands of stick on gel bras. The shipment came from Hong Kong and delivery was to made to a storage facility from where an arrest of a Hong Kong national was made.

Later, more 530 liters of the same drug were discovered concealed in art supplies.

Since then one Chinese and two Hong Kong nationals have been arrested charged for importation and manufacturing of the drug.

Keenan added, “This is a result of organized criminals targeting the lucrative Australian ice market from offshore.”

It is learned China is a significant source for the drug ice and Australia has a growing problem with it.