Amazon Working On Messaging App ‘Anytime’

Amazon may soon come up with its own messaging app for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It may be dubbed as Anytime and probably feature something more than the usual formula.

If believed to speculations, Amazon’s Anytime may feature an easy way to sign up and also to participate in group chats apart from being equipped with common offerings like message encryption, voice and video chat, and of course the stickers part.

It is learned only name of a person is required to reach out unlike WhatsApp that requires phone numbers. A Twitter-Style @mentions will be enough to bring someone into conversations or share photos.

The messaging app may not be expected to roll out anytime soon as Amazon is currently working on communications between Echo calling support and business videoconferencing.

The Anytime would only be one another product of the company to bring people into its fold and to some extent can serve as a sales hook for its gadgets.

However, on the long run it would be a good advantage to Amazon.