AI Is Being Used In Sex Dolls Too! What Else? (Part II)

AI Is Being Used In Sex Dolls Too! What Else? (Part I)

Abyss Creations created the popular RealDoll.

Some of the sex dolls in work are the 18th version of Roxxxy by creator Douglas Hines and Eva that is built based on module of real women’s bodies.

Samantha is one more addition to the race and is covered in sensors. She can respond to human touch and can also switch between sexy and family mode. The sex robot has functional G-spot too apart from functional vagina and mouth. She speaks in American accent.

The creator of silicon doll says flexible skeleton is used and takes about 80 hours to complete one robot. Standard dolls are equipped with 18 female body types or two male figures and the starting price is about $6,500 while more specific creations can go up to $12,000, without AI.

The AI-enhanced sex dolls may go on sale by the end of 2017 and may cost $15,000.

It is said the main focus of sex dolls is to make people happy as there are lot of people who find difficulty in forming traditional relationships with other people. Such individuals will get companion.

What more the AI can do is really a good question as it is gradually crossing all the borders. Hope it can be more workable in the health and security segments that could save hundreds and thousands of lives. Do share your views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.