AI Is Being Used In Sex Dolls Too! What Else? (Part I)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems crossing all borders and now it is also been used on lifelike dolls like the Harmony that can hold conversations too.

The dolls are kind, shy, sexual, naive and brainy too and come with customizable body. Companies are in race to create such robot dolls that can change sex forever.

The sex tech market is worth about $30.6 billion and some of the models are now equipped with AI personalities. Firms are working on such dolls that can have a functioning G-spot and it is assumed buyers can buy it for up to $15,000. The doll will definitely say no to you.

Harmony is an artificial intelligence sex doll that can remember even what she has told and got customizable personality. She can be customized from hair to labia. She talks in Scottish and can be programmed with eighteen different personality traits like sexual and shy.

She learns about her user and as an aftermath can create an engaging simulation of a relationship.

Sex dolls are not new and had been in production since 1980s in Japan, but those were made from plastic.

Abyss Creations CEO Matt McCullen said these days the dolls are made with a high-grade silicone to help it retain the heat and offer more realistic feel along with greater elasticity.

AI Is Being Used In Sex Dolls Too! What Else? (Part II)