Addictions of Modern Lifestyles

Lately, a host of modern addictions emerge worldwide that are not unique to any part of the world. These are the things we do with the things we do and will have to each ay as long as we exist in the modern word.

Home Entertainment Technology

Technology is a vast subject and over the period of past 100 years or more it has diversified and spread into every home in the form of gadgets and gizmos including USB fridges, automatic egg poachers and pocket calculator. Big wall mounting television sets, Blu-Ray, Sat-Nav, Hi-Def, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are some of the recent addictions.

The Internet

The Internet is one of the wonderful sources for us to learn, play, and earn. The internet is sophisticated in a way that makes it a source of everything. You can play internet games such as casino and FIFA games to be entertained and as well earn money. Casino games are available ononline casino sites and available in any device that can access the internet. We also do a lot of other things with the internet such as chatting, shopping and couple of more others that we must do on a daily basis with the internet.

Smartphone and Connectivity

Over the year’s smartphones have improved further on expanding functionalities. This has turned overuse of the device, leading to addiction. Withdrawal from the phone or if the network is unreachable, it is seen user gets angry, take tension, get depressed and becomes restless. It leads to physical problems too like discomfort viewing a digital screen, eye fatigue, neck problem, increased illnesses, car accidents and male infertility. All these are true signs of smartphone addiction.

WhatsApp and other social platforms

The chatting app WhatsApp is highly popular across the world and it keeps on making any individual busy throughout the day and some throughout the night. It is a kind of compulsive addiction as messages from friends, relatives, groups and others keep on tingling every now and then, luring the user to check those and reply to the earliest. It is highly suggested to unfriend or ungroup oneself from those who can be avoided. Also, just make a habit of only checking twice or thrice a day the WhatsApp messages. This will release from addiction. other popular social platforms are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.