8 Tips How To Love Your Paying Job

The first step to fulfillment is to choose a job that suits your talents and training. If you went to college to become an engineer, you’re not likely to enjoy flipping burgers. Seek out a career that satisfies your intellectual and creative urge while providing financial security with the chance for advancement, rather than a day job that merely pays for living expenses.

Other job loving tips include:

1. Find ways to make your job fun. Automate your work responsibilities to avoid repetition. Listen to music or talk radio as you work. Do cross word puzzles or crafts on your break.

2. Take time during the work day to call your spouse or children. Just hearing a friendly voice will make you smile.

3. Make friends with your boss. Refuse to hold a workplace grudge. And, never spread malicious gossip.

4. Pursue a hobby for the creative release not provided by your job.

5. Volunteer for big projects. Assuming additional responsibilities may help alleviate job boredom.

6. To avoid emotional frustration, get on the career ladder at your job and move up.

7. No job is perfect. Find things to love about your job, until the positives outweigh the negatives.

8. Smile! You’re lucky enough to have a paying job, even as others are still unemployed.