100,000 Individuals Revoked Following Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order

Following the executive order of United States President Donald Trump issued on January 27 it is learned over 100,000 visas have been revoked until now.

A lawyer for the Justice Department confirmed the figure in a court hearing in Viriginia on Friday telling the rollout of Trump’s order has lately caused chaos.

However, the State Department disputed the figure saying less than 60,000 individuals were revoked after the executive order.

The figure was announced after the US District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema questioned about how many individuals have been affected by the order.

Erez Reuveni from the Office of Immigration Litigatiohn within the Civil Division of the Justice Department said the executive order does not apply to legal permanent residents and hence no returning legal permanent residents were denied entry at the Dulles International Airport.

He added it is not yet known how many people in total were deported over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the judge has ordered to arrange for a list of all persons who were denied entry or removed from the US following the executive government order.

She said, “I have been on this bench a long time … I have never seen such a public outpouring before… the order touched something in people like I’ve never seen before.”

The travel ban restricts refugees of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya and Sudan from entering the country.