10 Killed In Cowardly Terrorist Attack In Jordan Including A Canadian

About a dozen people were killed and 34 others were injured Sunday in a terror attack in Jordan. The government called it a “cowardly terrorist attack.”

Couple of gunmen fired at police officers first at two separate locations and later moved into an ancient castle in the city of Karak that is popular with tourists, said Jordanian official.

A press statement released by Jordan’s Public Service Directorate at around 11:30 p.m. local time confirmed four terrorists were killed inside the 12th century castle, about 132 kilometers south of the capital of Amman.

The release added one Canadian tourist, two Jordanian civilians and 7 security force members were killed in the cowardly terrorist attack.

Among the injured were 15 members of security forces, seventeen Jordanian civilians and 2 foreign tourists.

Several automatic weapons were found in the combing operation of the structure including explosives.

The gunmen have not yet been identified.

Jordan’s minister of state for media affairs, Mohammed al-Momani, said the country is part of a region that is on fire.

He added, “Our security forces have been extremely able at keeping those operations away from our country, but as everybody knows, you’re dealing with people who just want to kill.”